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ruby throat - the swan and the minotaur (troubled man)

ruby throat - salto angel

  ruby throat - ghost boy

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ruby throat are katiejane garside and chris whittingham. katiejane 'found' chris busking on the london underground in 2006 and they started creating music together as ruby throat.

their music recalls the etherealness and fragility of english folk music and the deepest black heart of gothic americana. live shows in the u.k., mainland europe and the u.s.a. have gained ruby throat devout fans.

ruby throat have recorded 3 albums to date.  'the ventriloquist', 'out of a black cloud came a bird', and 'o'doubt o'stars'.  they are currently recording their fourth offering aboard a sailboat somewhere in the pacific...

ruby throat 'in the arms of flowers'

ruby throat 'naked ruby' filmed live by mariexxme

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ruby throat  albums, 'the ventriloquist','out of a black cloud came a bird', and 'o'doubt o'stars' can be purchased:
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