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listen to queenadreena tracks selected by katiejane:

queenadreena - kitty collar tight (taken from 'drink me')
queenadreena - fm doll (taken from 'the butcher and the butterfly')
  queenadreena - medicine jar (taken from 'the butcher and the butterfly')

what can be said about queenadreena that hasn't already been said by somebody, somewhere?

formed by katiejane garside and crispin gray in 1999 they have, with numerous other band members, released three studio albums; 'taxidermy', 'drink me', and 'the butcher and the butterfly', composed a live soundtrack to david cronenberg's film adaptation of 'crash', and played live all over the world gaining a cult legion of fans and the respect of their musician peers.

now into queenadreena's tenth year, with katiejane and crispin still the dark nucleus of the band, the fourth studio album, 'djin', is to be released in the UK.


queenadreena 'i adore you' directed by martina hoogland-ivanow

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queenadreena's fourth studio album 'djin' can be purchased:

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the collection of early queenadreena demos, 'ride a cock horse' can be purchased:

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