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with the idea of holding a running question & answer session with katiejane, if you have a question you've always wanted to ask katiejane then you can ask it in a variety of ways:
tweet @kjgdotcom on twitter
post it on the wall of the official facebook page
e-mail it to the site admin

katiejane will endeavour to answer at least one question a week which will be posted in date order below so check back regularly to see if it is your question which has been answered.

latest question answered:

question: how did you get into music and what inspired you to start makingthe music that you create?
asked by: ? via twitter
katiejane's answer: "music got into me and seeps out the cracks, its not a thing i chose to do, there are many languages and that one chose me, music is at odds with its vehicle, we always have a fight on our hands"

question archive:

question: What is favourite style of art and who is your favourite artist?
asked by: janie leigh (via facebook)
katiejane's answer: "i grew up on the sea, vast oceans, infinity above and 6 miles of water beneath, i am minute, irrelevant, i am nothing in the unfathomable unknowing of what it is to be alive, at best i can make a tiny scratch on a stick before it goes into the fire and by those who are able to make better contact with the canvas i am utterly humbled."

question: Where do you get your main source of inspiration from?
asked by: danny corker (via facebook)
katiejane's answer: "as above, the incomprehensible improbability of consciousness, i wake up and wonder what am i supposed to do with it, this wildly un-navigable gift, i dispatch my scratches to anyone that will take them, i feel ashamed, coulda woulda shoulda been so much better....etc etc"

question: Where are you happiest?
asked by: ? via twitter
katiejane's answer: "the place i let go the excruciating weight, i donít know where it is, sometimes it just is"

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