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recent press clippings featuring katiejane (click to enlarge):

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critical praise for ruby throat's debut album, 'the ventriloquist':

"something highly unusual is going on here, something worth paying close attention to, as the reward exponentializes itself" - folk and acoustic music exchange

"a haunting, compelling piece of work…every song is a standout." - amazon.com

"plaintive, haunting and beautiful. .it will worm it's way into your affections." - amazon.co.uk

"one hell of an interesting spin. Magical stuff from start to finish." - babysue.com

"the spellbinding effects will take your mind to another place where beauty lies and calm prevail" - frantikmag.com

"katiejane is ready to take her voice past joanna newsom or elizabeth fraser…searching for some kind of sonic breakthrough that will change her -and your- life." – blurt-online.com

"haunting, unassuming little masterpieces...indie folks 'next big thing'" - eugene, oregon weekly

"restraint and poetry meet in the light of an old-fashioned lamp shade, one of the most intoxicating voices of the moment." - noise magazine (france)

"fresh from david lynch's 'twin peaks' fallen under the influence of l.s.d. or simply in search of an alternative solution to the question: why?" - burn your ears (german webzine)

critical praise for queenadreena:

"dirt and beauty, torn dresses, birdsnest hair and bittersweet self-flaying intensity." - the organ

"'taxidermy' is the most startling rock debut of the year, a record full of volatile emotions and uncommon beauty." - kerrang!

"utterly compelling and unique." - rock sound

"[katiejane's] complexity and the close partnership with crispin shines through in 'taxidermy'. 'madraykin' is a blues in callipers, 'hide from time' a creaking womb; 'sleepwalking' a dreamscape and 'cold fish' is bloody bones violence. it sounds like jane's addiction fronted by ophelia." - dazed & confused

"music this dramatic can't help but entertain." - rock sound

"for every part [of 'the butcher and the butterfly'] that drags you to look closer, there's another part ready to poke your eyes out." – t.w.f. magazine

"['x-ing off the days'] is a cultured exercise in multilayered fuzz guitar with katie's almost kate bush-esque vocals adding a gothic tinge to a track which conjures to mind artists such as hole and iggy pop." - rock sound

"there's touches of everyone from kate bush to the sweet to killing joke in queenadreena's art-punk squall." - kerrang!

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