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katiejane is planning on publishing a book of poetry in coming months and needs the help of fans. read a statement from katiejane and all the information on how you can contribute below.

  friends of mine dear, i am planning to publish a book of poetry later
this year/early next year and to make the funding available for this
venture i therefore posit the following idea:
i propose to handwrite 100 individual copies of 3 different poems (300
handwritten poems in total), signed, numbered, dated, these will be
sent to participants in letter form from me on a fragile translucent
yellowish parchment (quite like airmail paper) in a small standard
handwritten brown envelope, the intended titles below are subject to
change, in fact these poems will be very much subject to change, an
ongoing evolution at £20 for one poem and £45 if you would like all
three, the titles:
1. old rose (bring and buy)
2. great tit small tit
3. tessís tent
a signed photo of moi will accompany each order.
and i tentatively ask that those who do take part please refrain from
publishing the said poems on the internet or anywhere else as i would
like to retain some kind of whole, intactness for the book itself, could
they be our secret, our work in progress if you like?

as always yours with love and infinite gratitude


if you would like to buy one of the aforementioned poems, please use the paypal form below:
katiejane handwritten poems

if you would like to donate to the project, without buying a poem, then any amount that could be spared will be very gratefully received.

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