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listen to lullabies in a glass wilderness tracks selected by katiejane:

lalleshwari - sleeplikewolves
lalleshwari - road kill
  lalleshwari - lesions in the brain
  lalleshwari - for you i hold my breath
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"this is my work, its a fingerprint, i've been barricaded into a room but managed to slip it out through a crack under the door, it's a message in a bottle caught in returning currents, a child on a desert island discovering these footprints are her own, its ingrown and corrupt with a terrifying impermanence and therefore safely beyond a critique, it asks everybody's else's opinion whilst ignoring its own motion and knowing, it's feet are bound and hobbled but i did the binding, she chooses her reflection in incarceration because she knows she could have the sky, it blames itself for blaming and chooses for herself a violent lover, the auditory is fractured and whispering in the blindspot, torrential downpour and splintered broken water, she is in another room, inches and a world away, some collaborated and chose to stay the night so she fights me using his hands to throw the punches, i wash her face and hands and eventually sing her to sleep".

in 2005 katiejane garside self-released a collection of 4 track home recordings entitled 'lullabies in a glass wilderness', under the pseudonym 'lalleshwari'. these tracks were recorded intermittently over six years.

the first release was a limited edition of 300 audio cd and dvd sets featuring four short films directed by james sutton, and all sold out within 72 hours. the first 100 copies were signed and numbered by katiejane. due to outstanding demand, the album was re-packaged and a digipack version was released in 2006.


'lost upon the flame' directed by nikolai galitzine

the digipack release of 'lullabies in a glass wilderness' can be purchased:

from the katiejanegarside.com online shop
digitally from itunes

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