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dan schaffer is a u.k. born screenwriter and comic book writer/artist based in surrey, england. his work with katiejane garside has blurred the boundaries between comic books and music. katiejane first wrote a couple of pieces that were included in an anthology for dogwitch (dan's gothic-schlock-horror comic book creation).

the pair then collaborated together on 2004's indigo vertigo, featuring an uncompromising narrative written by katiejane and illustration by dan, who had to develop a completely different style of working than he was used to.

for katiejane's debut art exhibition, 'darling, they've found the body', dan provided a series of 'autopsy' pieces.

they have most recently collaborated on the still-to-be-released 'lesions in the brain', an adaptation of one of katiejane's songs.

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the garside/schaffer graphic novel indigo vertigo can be purchased:

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